Table E.11

Summary of requirements for reporting monitoring programmes under directives

Directive Determinands Qualifier Comments
Dangerous substance (76/464/EEC) and Daughter Directives 17 List I substances

Candidate List I and List II substances

Number of stations for each substance

Date of first measurement

Method of measurement

As above plus other determinands


The number/figure should be related to each major river basin in Exchange of Information decisions, and to coastal zones in order to obtain regionalised information

Others determinands for example as included in Annex II of Decision (77/795/EEC)

Freshwater Fish (78/659/EEC) and Shellfish Waters (79/923/EEC): Determinands stipulated in directives

Those determinands with reduced monitoring frequency (Freshwater Fish only)

Additional determinands

Derogated determinands

Yes or no answer only required No numerical data reported
Titanium Dioxide (82/883/EEC) Description of sampling points

Sampling methods

Method of measurement and analysis

Results of measurements

Only required once after initial designation

With where appropriate limit of detection, accuracy and precision

Groundwater (80/68/EEC): In accordance with Article 13 of the Directive To assess compliance with authorisations to discharge dangerous substances to groundwater, and the effects of those discharges on groundwater  
Sampling and Analysis (79/869/EEC) For each determinand listed in directive Method of measuring.

CEN or ISO number, or other standard method if used

Range of annual frequency of Sampling and Analysis

Bathing Water (76/160/EEC) Geographic location

General data

Determinand data

Analytical methods

For example of designated waters

For example, year, beginning of bathing season, number of samples

For example, number of results exceeding mandatory value, frequency of monitoring

Used to assess compliance with directive

Information to be provided in digital form

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