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Table E9

Summary of analytical precision requirements in international agreements in respect of analysis of all determinands

Determinand LoD CP A Agreement
Dissolved oxygen1 nd nd nd Baltic Sea 1974/92
Salinity2 nd nd nd Baltic Sea 1974/92
Temperature3 nd nd nd Baltic Sea 1974/92
Radioactivity-alpha <2% of lower limit of detection nd nd Regensburg Danube 1987
Radioactivity-alpha 0.02 nd <2% of lower limit of detection Regensburg Danube 1987


nd not defined

LoD limit of detection

CP precision criteria

A accuracy

1. Regular checks on reproducibility required.

2. Salinometer must be standardised with IAPSO standards.

3. Temperature measurement must be calculated once every two years. Standard method stipulated.

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