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Europe's Environment: Statistical Compendium for the Dobris Assessment



The Statistical Compendium is the companion volume to Europe's Environment: The Dobris Assessment, the report on the state of the pan-European environment. This report was requested by the environment ministers for the whole of Europe at the ministerial conference held at Dobris Castle, near Prague, in June 1991.


The Statistical Compendium provides statistical and methodological information useful for readers of Europe's Environment: The Dobris Assessment, covering both environmental topics as well as human activities linked to pressures on the environment.


The Statistical Compendium is compiled jointly by:

European Commision
   European Environment Agency Task Force,
European Commission, DG XI and Phare
   United Nations
Economic Commission for Europe
  Organisation for Economic
Co-operation and Development

 World Health Organization

Table of contents:


Chapter 1: Reporting on Europe's Environment 

Chapter 2: Environmental Changes and Human Development 

Chapter 3: Europe: The Continent 

Chapter 4: Air

     - Urban and local air pollution

     - Regional and transboundary air pollution

Chapter 5: Inland Waters

     - Water resources, abstraction and supply

     - Pesticide concentrations in groundwater

     - Rivers, reservoirs and lakes

     - Rivers in central and eastern European countries

Chapter 6: The Seas

Chapter 7: Soil

    - Cadmium load on agricultural soils

Chapter 8: Landscapes

Chapter 9: Nature and Wildlife

    - The status of animal and plant species

    - Trade in protected species

    - Protected areas

    - Ecosystems: representative sites

Chapter 10: The Urban Environment

Chapter 11: Human Health

Chapter 12: Population, Production and Consumption

Chapter 13: Exploitation of Natural Resources

    - Energy reserves

Chapter 14: Emissions

    - Air emissions

    - Air emissions: the CORINAIR inventory

    - Air emissions (CO2)

    - Chlorofluorocarbons and halons

    - Emissions to water

Chapter 15: Waster

    - Water generation and municipal waste

    - Hazardous waste

    - Recycling and waste treatment

Chapter 16: Noise and Radiation

Chapter 17: Chemicals and Genetically modified organisms

Chapter 18: Natural and Technological Hazards 

Chapter 19: Energy

    - General energy indicators

    - Nuclear power stations

Chapter 20: Industry

Chapter 21: Transport

Chapter 22: Agriculture

Chapter 23: Forestry

    - Forests as a resource

    - Forest damage

Chapter 24: Fishing and Aquaculture

Chapter 25: Tourism and Recreation

Chapter 26: Households


Annex 1: Regional Statistics

Annex 2: List of Standard Sources

Annex 3: List of Addresses of National and International Statistical Organisations

Annex 4: NACE and ISIC Classifications

Annex 5: List of Abbreviations



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