2. Aim and scope of this report

The aim of the MA 2-4 project is to:

  • report on the data collected in accordance with the draft EoI Decision and the Framework Directive,
  • prepare a pilot report on European air quality and deposition and trends, and identify deficiencies and gaps.

The aim of this report is to present the requested overview of air quality in Europe for the year 1993, including the winter 1993-94.

The scope of the work, as indicated in the project plan, includes:

  • to collect data available from the Commission (DG XI), collected under the EoI Decision, and available in the APIS and EoI data bases,
  • to survey other bases of European air quality data, such as the EMEP data base,
  • to summarise the data, and present overview in the form of tables and graphs, forming a suitable background for evaluating the state and trend of European air quality,
  • to evaluate the European air quality, using effects relevant indicators, comparing the state and trend of air quality with relevant guidelines and critical loads.
  • to establish the requirements for EEA’s annual air quality reporting, as needed for EEA’s reporting tasks with the EU, and to the public.

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