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Access EEA's environmental information and data on the go...



Europe's air quality information at your fingertips.

The new EuropeAir app is the best way to find out about the latest air quality across Europe. Get data from 3,500 monitoring stations in +30 countries while you're on the go. Retrieve instant information about the major components of air pollution: ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and airborne particulate (PM10 and PM2.5).

  • The easiest way to view summarised information for more than 500 cities across Europe
  • Share air quality information on twitter, facebook or just e-mail it to a friend
  • Filter map data by pollutant, station type, etc.
  • Customise your notifications, create a list of favourites and more
  • Customise My Map: filter the data by pollutant, station type…
  • EEA’s Air Quality Index


EuropeAir 1 EuropeAir 2

Available on:apple appstore badge android logo

Marine LitterWatch

A citizen science based app that aims to help fill data gaps in beach litter monitoring.

    • two-tier approach: monitoring to support official processes and voluntary clean-ups.
    • choose from a European master list of commonly found marine litter items, such as cigarette butts, bottles, fishing materials...
    • data is submitted through the app to the EEA hosted Marine LitterWatch database.
    • data can be extracted, visualised through the EEA website, or embedded in other web pages or applications.


Marine Litter Watch 1 Marine Litter Watch 2 Marine Litter Watch 3

Available on: apple app store  android logo 


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