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News Published 15 Apr 2016 Last modified 20 Feb 2017
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Photo: © Veton Kurteshi, Picture2050 /EEA
Cities play an increasingly important part in our lives. Urban areas are where we live, work, rest and play. The European Environment Agency (EEA) invites you to participate in the ‘My City’ photography competition and share the moments you captured in European cities.

Every year, the EEA organises a competition to engage with European citizens around different environmental issues. This year’s competition focuses on cities. About 75% of Europeans live in cities, making it no surprise that they have become key hubs for culture, education and health services as well as engines of Europe’s economy. However, cities depend heavily on the resources of other regions to meet their demand for energy, water, food as well as the disposal of waste.

Many cities are facing increasing challenges as they struggle to cope with social, economic and environmental problems. Pressures such as overcrowding or decline, social inequality, pollution and traffic are just some of the issues. On the other hand, the proximity of people, businesses, and services provides opportunities to build a more resource-efficient Europe. How can cities ensure a high quality of life in a healthy urban environment?

The ‘My City’ photo competition invites people from across Europe to share what their urban environment means for them. Participants can choose to depict a European city of their choice to tell a positive or negative story through their photos.

Participants can focus on one of the following three categories:

  1. Sustainable lifestyle in a city
  2. Getting around in a city
  3. Leisure time in a city      

Competition winners will receive a cash prize. All entries may be promoted by the EEA and its partners across Europe. Entrants may submit their photos until 15 August.

For more information on how to enter and the competition rules

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