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News Published 30 Apr 2008 Last modified 21 Jun 2016
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Use WISE (Water Information System for Europe) - a European Commission/European Environment Agency interactive internet tool - to check how clean bathing water is becoming at your next holiday destination. WISE offers a fully integrated picture of water quality along Europe's coastlines and inland waterways by showing both bathing water quality levels and wastewater treatment at each location. It also documents how bathing water has improved throughout Europe over the last 10 years and provides a full summary of Europe’s bathing water quality in 2006.
The EEA is releasing all 2006 bathing water data through WISE in conjunction with the European Commission's launch of the Bathing water report 2006. In coming years, the Agency will play a central role in establishing the bathing water report as well as providing data in an increasingly interactive and integrated way.

Links to interactive water maps

State of bathing water map viewer
Detailed 2006 bathing water information.

Detailed 2006 bathing water information of Europe

My river basin district map viewer
Broader thematic overview on water in Europe, including waste water treatment information.

My river basin district


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