EEA member countries delivering more environmental data

News Published 23 Oct 2006 Last modified 28 Jun 2016
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Latvia and Austria topped the list for delivering environmental data to the European Environment Agency (EEA), followed by Sweden, Bulgaria and Slovakia, according to a new report released today. Overall performance by countries was up by 5 % compared to the previous reporting cycle. Many of the new EU Member States performed particularly well.
The 32 countries who are full members of the EEA, as well as the collaborating countries, regularly supply environmental data to the Agency. The new report 'Eionet priority data flows, May 2005–April 2006' is the ninth progress report to the EEA Management Board on the workings of the system. For the first time, it is published in the EEA series of corporate documents.

The European environment information and observation network (Eionet) aims to provide timely and quality-assured data, information and expertise for assessing the state of the environment in Europe. It is a partnership network consisting of the EEA, several European topic centres (ETCs) and a network of over 1 000 experts from more than 300 national bodies dealing with environmental information.

Eionet priority data flows report
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