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News Published 20 Sep 2021 Last modified 12 Dec 2021
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Photo: © George Sultan on Unsplash
Winning captures of the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) ‘Climate Change PIX’ photo competition show how climate change is already affecting Europe but also how well-known solutions can make a difference. The winner of the Youth Prize uses artistic skills to make a bold statement about the global emergency.

Environmental communication experts from the European Environment Information and Observation Network (Eionet) and the public have selected six winners in the ‘Climate Change PIX’ photo competition about the impacts of climate change in Europe and individual and societal climate action.

Winner – Climate change impacts on nature

‘Disappearing green future’, by Zvonimir Zvonar, captures two children who have stopped playing to look at forest fires in Rogoznica, Croatia, during this summer.

Photo © Zvonimir Zvonar, Climate Change PIX /EEA.


Winner – Climate change impacts on society 

‘Sinking ship’, by Musa Talasli, shows how water levels of Turkey’s largest lake, Lake Van, have decreased by record amounts. The picture was taken in Edremit.

Photo © Musa Talasli, Climate Change PIX /EEA.


Winner – Societal solutions for climate change

‘Sustainable city’, by Antonio Farto, reminds of the importance of making cities more sustainable with green areas and possibilities for cycling and walking.

Photo © Antonio Farto, Climate Change PIX /EEA.


Winner – Individual action on climate change

‘Break the rules - go green’, by Fernando Fortes, encourages cycling as a concrete, individual action that both cuts emissions and improves health.

Photo © Fernando Fortes, Climate Change PIX /EEA.


Winner – Youth Prize

‘Sweet destruction’, by Íris Lilja Jóhannsdóttir, comes with a bold message: “I want to show people what we are doing to the Earth with a simple analogy. We are licking up the Earth and its sweet resources just like ice cream. Let's enjoy our sweet and beautiful Earth responsibly!”

Photo © Íris Lilja Jóhannsdóttir, Climate Change PIX /EEA.


Winner – Public Choice Award

‘Evacuate’, by Cesare Barillà, is scene from Nonantola, Italy, where the Panaro river flooded the town and forced people to abandon their homes.

Photo © Cesare Barillà, Climate Change PIX /EEA.

The EEA thanks all the participants of the photo competition as well as those who cast their vote for the winner of the Public Choice Award. 

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