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News Published 16 Sep 2008 Last modified 21 Jun 2016
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Transport remains a major and growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, which cause climate change. During the European Mobility Week between 16-22 September, more than a thousand cities across Europe will promote sustainable transport in urban areas and let their residents enjoy a car-free day.

To enable the EU to meet future emission reduction targets by 2020, the transport sector must improve its environmental performance. Had the transport sector emissions followed the same reduction trend as in society as a whole, total EU-27 greenhouse gas emissions during the period 1990-2005 would have fallen by 14% instead of 7.9%. 

Small tips to make a difference

Get in shape and be friendly to the environment all at once!            

Journeys of less than 3 km may take less time if you walk, use a bike or even take the bus. If taking your kids along, try using a skateboard, skipping rope or rollerblades! Remember how much fun it was when you were a kid.

Car pool!

If you live far away from school, instead of driving your kids to and from school each day, start a car pooling initiative with the other parents and share the responsibility. It will save you time, petrol and help the environment.  

Keep your tyres properly inflated.

This will reduce wear and tear on them and increase their longevity, thereby saving money. It also saves precious raw material: it takes 27 litres of crude oil to produce a new tire. Under-inflated tyres also increase fuel consumption by up to 10%. Check your tyres at least once a month. It just takes a few minutes.

Slow down!

When driving your car, drive steadily and anticipate what is coming up. Avoid rapid accelerations and breaking as much as possible. This will decrease your car’s fuel consumption.

More information

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