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Proportion of the vehicle fleet meeting certain emission standards (by mode)

Indicator Fact Sheet
Prod-ID: IND-108-en
  Also known as: TERM 034
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Assessment made on  01 Sep 2003

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DPSIR: Driving force


Indicator codes
  • TERM 034

Policy issue:  Increase the share of the vehicle fleet that meets the most recent (and stringent) emission standards for new vehicles


Key assessment

Estimates based on the number of cars fitted with a catalytic converter suggest that it takes at least 10 years for a new technology to penetrate the entire car fleet in the EU. Based on the limited data available it seems that this penetration rate is even lower in the acceding and candidate countries. The proportion of trucks and aircraft that comply with the latest and most stringent emission standards is lower than that for cars because of the longer lifetimes of trucks and aircraft.

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