Odyssee energy efficiency index (ODEX) (EU-27)

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For households, the ODEX is carried out at the level of 3 end-uses (heating, water heating, cooking) and 5 large appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and TVs)

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For each end-use, the following indicators are considered to measure efficiency progress:

  • Heating: unit consumption per m2 at normal climate (toe/m2)
  • Water heating: unit consumption per dwelling with water heating
  • Cooking: unit consumption per dwelling
  • Large electrical appliances: specific electricity consumption, in kWh/year /appliance


The variation of the weighted index of the unit consumption between t-1 and t is defined as follows: see formula


The value at year t can be derived from the value at the previous year by reversing the calculation:

It /It -1= 1/( It -1/It),

ODEX is set at 100 for a reference year and successive values are then derived for each year t by the value of ODEX at year t-1 multiplied by It /It -1.


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