Influence of climate on household energy consumption per dwelling

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Influence of climate on household energy consumption per dwelling between 1990 and 2009.

European data


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Definition of degree days:

  • The actual heating degree days is an indicator of the winter severity, and thus of the heating requirement.
  • It is calculated as the sum over each day of the heating period (e.g. October to April) of the difference between a reference indoor temperature (usually 18°C) and the average daily temperature;
  • If the average temperature of a day in winter is 5°C, the number of degree day of that day is 13 degree days (18-5).
  • The number of degree-days in EU countries is in a range from 700-800 degree-days for Cyprus and Malta to 4000-5000 degree-days in Nordic and Baltic countries (around 2800 degree-days for EU-27 as a whole).
  • The daily outside temperature is measured from the various meteorological stations existing in the country and averaged to get a national value.
  • The national average is calculated  as a population weighted average.


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