Influence of income and energy prices on household consumption per dwelling

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The graph characterizes the average consumption per households (at normal climate) in relation to the evolution of prices and incomes. The income per households for EU-27 as a whole is the sum of the 27 EU countries based on national Odyssee data.

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Average energy prices for households for EU-27 as a whole is calculated by weighting the prices of 3 products consumed by households (electricity, gas and heating oil) by their corresponding final energy consumption. The electricity prices are given by Eurostat and corresponds to a reference consumer (standard dwelling of 100 m2, with an average consumption of 7500 kWh); for gas, the average prices corresponds to an annual consumption of 16.74 GJ for households; for heating oil, the average price is given for annual deliveries of less than 24 000 tonnes for households.

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