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The QualityBiotaD table contains disaggregated data on hazardous substances in biota, measured at Eionet-Water transitional, coastal or marine water monitoring stations, provided by national sources only. Each station has been assigned a unique Waterbase identifier (WaterbaseID) which can be used to link the Quality data with their respective Stations and Pressures data.
European data
Table definition
Year Year year of aggregation period, or year in which sample taken, in format YYYY. int(4) -1
Month Month month in which sample taken, values in range 0-12 (it is possible that the month has not been supplied, in which case the value will be 0). int(4) -1
Day Day day in which sample was taken, values in range 0-31 (it is possible that the day has not been supplied, in which case the value will be 0). int(4) -1
Determinand Determinand determinand name. nvarchar(200) -1
Unit Unit unit of measurement. nvarchar(30) 0
Basis Basis basis of aggregate: D = Dry, L = Lipid (fat), W = Wet. nvarchar(1) 0
WaterbaseID WaterbaseID internally produced, unique identifier used to represent the monitoring station for rivers, lakes, transitional, coastal and marine waters and water quantity, or groundwater body, in the format CountryCode_WaterDataSet_NationalStationID (e.g. GB_RV_12345). nvarchar(200) -1
SampleID Sample ID unique sample identifier required if multiple samples taken on same day. SampleID default value is 0. nvarchar(50) -1
CaSNo Chemical Abstract Service Number Chemical Abstract Service Number of determinand. nvarchar(20) 0
Concentration Concentration concentration of determinand in sample. For observations reported as below the analytical limit, the field will contain the upper (reporting) limit. float(8) 0
Fat Fat fat content of biota expressed as % of total wet matter. float(8) 0
LimitOfDetectionFlag Limit Of Detection Flag flag to indicate sample below analytical limit of detection in format <. varchar(1) 0
DryFreshRatio Dry fresh ratio ratio of dry weight to fresh weight of biota monitored expressed as %. varchar(10) 0
CountryCode Country Code ISO 3166-alpha-2 code elements. varchar(2) 0
Species Species species monitored. varchar(20) 0
Tissue Tissue tissue element of species monitored: LI = Liver, MU = Muscle, SB = Soft body, WO = Whole body. varchar(1) -1
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