Waterbase-Rivers: Hazardous substances

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This content has been archived on 05 Dec 2016, reason: Other (The dataset is replaced by Waterbase - Water Quality dataset, which combines Waterbase - Rivers, Lakes and Groundwater into one. It's available at http://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/data/waterbase-water-quality/.)
The HazSub table contains data on hazardous substances in water measured at WISE-SoE river monitoring stations. Each station has been assigned a unique Waterbase identifier (WaterbaseID) which can be used to link the HazSubs data with their respective Stations and Pressures data. Each record has three special quality assurance fields. Their meaning is explained in the QA documentation which can be found in the "Additional information" section.
European data
Table definition
Year Year year of aggregation period (aggregated data sets), or year in which sample taken (disaggregated data sets), in format YYYY. Year should be no later than that requested in the last Eionet-Water data request. int(4) 0
PeriodLength Period length number of months in aggregation period. int(4) 0
NumberOfSamples Number of samples number of samples in aggregation period. int(4) 0
NoOfSubsites Number of subsites int(4) 0
QA_outlier Quality assurance field - outlier flag the highlighted data quality issues are explained in the QA documentation int(4) 0
QA_station_problem Quality assurance field - stations data quality issues flag the highlighted stations data quality issues are explained in the QA documentation int(4) 0
LimitOfDetection Limit of detection concentration for which there is a desirably small probability (around 5%) that the determinand will not be detected, i.e. there is a 95% probability that the determinand will be detected. float(8) 0
LimitOfDetermination Limit of determination the smallest concentration that can be distinguished from the analytical blank at a chosen level of statistical confidence (usually 95%). float(8) 0
Mean Average concentration over aggregation period float(8) 0
Minimum Minimum concentration over aggregation period float(8) 0
Maximum Maximum concentration over aggregation period float(8) 0
Median Median concentration over aggregation period float(8) 0
SO4 Concentration of sulphate mg/l float(8) 0
Ca Concentration of calcium mg/l float(8) 0
Mg Concentration magnesium mg/l float(8) 0
Na Concentration of natrium mg/l float(8) 0
K Concentration of kalium mg/l float(8) 0
HCO3 Concentration of hydrogen carbonate mg/l float(8) 0
Cl Concentration of chloride mg/l float(8) 0
Standarddeviation Standard deviation standard deviation of concentration values of aggregated data. On aggregation, sample concentration values recorded as below the limit of detection or determination have been replaced with a value equivalent to half the limit of detection or determination. float(8) 0
Hardness Water hardness float(8) 0
Suspendedparticulatematter Concentration of suspended particulate matter (such as clay or other mineral particles, detrital particles, bacteria and algal cells) mg/l float(8) 0
DissolvedOrganicMatter Concentration of dissolved organic matter mg/l float(8) 0
Ph pH pH = -log[H] float(8) 0
Temperature Mean annual water temperature C (degrees Celsius) float(8) 0
SampleDepth Sample depth depth at which sample taken in m below water surface numeric(5) 0
CountryCode Country Code ISO3166 two digit code nvarchar(2) -1
WaterbaseID Unique Waterbase Identifier represents the EWN groundwater body code nvarchar(50) -1
NationalStationID National station ID Identifier of the monitoring station for rivers, lakes, transitional, coastal and marine waters unique at the national level. nvarchar(50) 0
CASNumber CAS Number Chemical Abstract Service Number of the hazardous substance, as defined in the codelist. nvarchar(50) 0
Determinand_HazSubs Name of Hazardous Substance Determinand nvarchar(255) 0
Unit_hazsubs Unit unit of measurement of hazardous substances nvarchar(20) 0
AggregationPeriod Period of aggregation Annual = aggregated over whole year, Summer = aggregated over summer months, Winter = aggregated over winter months nvarchar(20) 0
MethodOfAggregation Method of aggregation Method of aggregation (dimension and summary statistic) nvarchar(100) 0
Cen_iso CEN/ISO CEN/ISO code of the methods. nvarchar(100) 0
LimitFlag Limit of Detection or Determination Flag Flag to indicate sample below analytical limit of detection or determination nvarchar(20) 0
Remarks Remarks nvarchar(0) 0
QA_LRviolations Quality assurance field - numerical list of logical rules violated in record tested logical rules are explanained in QA documentation. nvarchar(50) 0
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