National overview of area protected:

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Table contains national indicators for amount of national territory that is protected.
European data
Table definition
Field name Field Definition Note Data type Primary key
Total_area Total area protected by designation category. Areas protected within specified boundaries and areas protected by the designation of a particular habitat should be included if relevant in the national context. Overlapping areas should be excluded from total. decimal(9) 0
PARENT_ISO ISO 3 characters country code nvarchar(3) -1
ISO3 Country ISO code nvarchar(3) -1
Category National designation type category nvarchar(5) -1
Major_ecosystem Major ecosystem nvarchar(12) 0
Reference_year Time reference for area nvarchar(4) 0
Publication_title Publication title Document or indicator where total area was published if available. nvarchar(50) 0
Publication_url Publication url nvarchar(max) 0
Methodology_type Methodology type How area was calculated. nvarchar(2) 0
Methodology_reference_title Methodology reference title Documentation of methodology used if available. nvarchar(50) 0
Methodology_reference_url Methodology reference url Nature conservation and biodiversity nvarchar(max) 0
Remark Remark Optional free text comment nvarchar(max) 0
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