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European air quality maps of PM and ozone for 2013 and their uncertainty ETC/ACM

External Data Spec Published 09 Aug 2016
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The paper provides the annual update of the European air quality concentration maps, probabilities of exceeding relevant thresholds and population exposure estimates for human health related indicators of pollutants PM10 (annual average, 36th highest daily average), PM2.5 (annual average) and ozone (26th highest daily max. 8-hr running average, SOMO35), and vegetation related indicators (AOT40 for crops and for forests for the year 2013. The exposure estimates are compared to the results of previous years 2005-2011. The analysis is based on interpolation of annual statistics of the 2013 observational data reported by EEA Member countries in 2014 and stored in the Air Quality e-reporting database. The paper presents the mapping results and includes an uncertainty analysis of the interpolated maps. These maps, with their spatial exceedance and exposure estimates, are intended to be used for the assessment of European air quality by the EEA and its ETC/ACM, and for (interactive visual) public information purposes through the EEA website.


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