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External Data Spec Published 25 Oct 2019
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ERA5-Land is a reanalysis dataset providing a consistent view of the evolution of land variables over several decades at an enhanced resolution compared to ERA5. ERA5-Land has been produced by replaying the land component of the ECMWF ERA5 climate reanalysis. Reanalysis combines model data with observations from across the world into a globally complete and consistent dataset using the laws of physics. Reanalysis produces data that goes several decades back in time, providing an accurate description of the climate of the past. ERA5-Land provides a consistent view of the water and energy cycles at surface level during several decades. When complete, ERA5-Land will contain a detailed record from 1950 onwards, with a temporal resolution of 1 hour. The native spatial resolution of the ERA5-Land reanalysis dataset is 9km on a reduced Gaussian grid (TCo1279). The data in the CDS has been regridded to a regular lat-lon grid of 0.1x0.1 degrees. The data presented here is a post-processed subset of the full ERA5-Land dataset. Monthly-mean averages have been pre-calculated to facilitate many applications requiring easy and fast access to the data, when sub-monthly fields are not required. Hourly fields can be found in the  ERA5-Land hourly fields CDS page . Documentation can be found in the  online ERA5-Land documentation .
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