Monitoring of CO2 emissions from passenger cars - Data 2019 - Final data

Data Table
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European data
Table definition
Field nameField DefinitionData typePrimary key
ID Identification number integer Yes
MS Member state varchar(2) No
Mp Manufacturer pooling varchar(50) No
VFN Vehicle family identification number varchar(25) No

Manufacturer name

EU standard denomination

varchar(50) No
Man Manufacturer name OEM declaration varchar(50) No

Manufacturer name

MS registry denomination

varchar(125) No
TAN Type approval number varchar(50) No
T Type varchar(25) No
Va Variant varchar(25) No
Ve Version varchar(35) No
Mk Make varchar(25) No
Cn Commercial name varchar(50) No
Ct Category of the vehicle type approved varchar(5) No
Cr Category of the vehicle registered varchar(5) No
m (kg)

Mass in running order

Completed/complete vehicle

integer No
Mt WLTP test mass integer No
Enedc (g/km) Specific CO2 Emissions (NEDC) integer No
Ewltp (g/km) Specific CO2 Emissions (WLTP) integer No
W (mm) Wheel Base integer No
At1 (mm) Axle width steering axle integer No
At2 (mm) Axle width other axle integer No
Ft Fuel type varchar(25) No
Fm Fuel mode varchar(1) No
ec (cm3) Engine capacity integer No
ep (KW) Engine power integer No
z (Wh/km) Electric energy consumption integer No
IT Innovative technology or group of innovative technologies varchar(25) No
Ernedc (g/km) Emissions reduction through innovative technologies float No
Erwltp (g/km) Emissions reduction through innovative technologies (WLTP) float No
De Deviation factor float No
Vf Verification factor integer No
r Total new registrations integer No
year Reporting year integer No
Status P = Provisional data, F = Final data varchar(1) No
version_file Internal versioning of deliverables varchar(10) No
E (g/km) Specific CO2 Emission. Deprecated value, only relevant for data until 2016 float No
Er (g/km) Emissions reduction through innovative technologies. Deprecated value, only relevant for data until 2016 float No
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