Air quality zone geometries reported by countries (data flow B)

Data Table
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The air quality zone geometries are available in several spatial formats (ESRI Shapefile, SpatialLite, ESRI File Geodatabase, Google Earth KML) as well as an attribute table in Excel. The data reflect the latest reports uploaded and successfully tested by automated QC.
European data
Table definition
  • Air quality zones (data set B):
Field nameDescriptionData type
OBJECTID Id (internal) of the zone geometry. numeric
ZoneId Inspire identifier (Local Id) of air quality zone, given by data provider. string
CountryOrTerritory Country or territory name. string
ISO2 Country or territory ISO2 code. string
Namespace Inspire identifier/namespace of reporting entity, given by data provider. string
ProtectionTarget Protection target (see notation in Data Dictionary: for which the zone is valid. string
Pollutant Air polluting substance (see notation in Data Dictionary: for which the zone is valid.


UpdateTime Indicates the time of the latest update of geometry. datetime
SHAPE_Length Length of zone geometry perimeter [m]. numeric
SHAPE_Area Area of zone geometry [m2]. numeric


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