EEA/EAS/2004/005 - Award notice

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DK-Copenhagen: Preparation of a reporting mechanism under Directive 200/49/EC relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise

2004/S 121-101626

Contract award notice


Is this contract covered by the government procurement agreement (GPA)? No.

I.1)Official name and address of the contracting authority:  European Environment Agency, Mr Peder Jensen, Kongens Nytorv 6, DK-1050 Copenhagen. Tel.: +45 33 36 71 35 . Fax: +45 33 36 71 51. E-mail: URL:
I.2)Type of contracting authority:  EU body.
II.1) Type of contract:  Services.
II.2)Is it a framework agreement?  No.
II.3.1)Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV):  
II.3.2)Other relevant nomenclature (CPA/NACE/CPC)
II.4)Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority:  Contract relating to the preparation of a reporting mechanism under Directive 2002/49/EC relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise.
II.5)Short description:  The scope for the present contract covers the preparation of a questionnaire covering all the reporting requirements from Member States to the Commission as laid down in Directive 2002/49/EC, and the provision of guidance on the use of such a questionnaire.
II.6)Estimated total value (excluding VAT):  
IV.1)Type of procedure:  Open.
IV.1.1)Justification for the choice of negotiated procedure without call for competition  See Annex.
IV.2)Award criteria:
 The most economically advantageous tender in terms of criteria as stated below:
Award criteria
1. Understanding: this criterion is used to assess whether candidates have taken into consideration all of the aspects of the tasks required, such as they appear above, as well as of the contents of the proposed end product.
2. Methodology: the degree to which the methodology shows the capacity to resolve the questions underlying in the tender in a realistic and well-structured way, as well as whether the methods proposed are suited to the needs set out in the technical annex.
3. Project management: this criterion relates to the quality of project planning and organisation of the team with a view to managing a project of this nature. Points system:
Points: A maximum of 20 points shall be attributed to criterion 1, 30 points to criterion 2 and 30 points to criterion 3. Selected companies will have to score a minimum of 10 points for criteria 1 and 20 points for criteria 2 & 3 with a minimum total of 50 points.
Price: The bid offering the best value for money will be chosen, providing the minimum number of points is achieved. This is calculated by dividing the price by the number of points awarded.
In descending order of priority: No.
V.1)Award and contract value
V.1.1)Name and address of successful supplier, contractor or service provider:  Contract No 3474/B2004.EEA.51972 AEA Tehchnology Rail BV, Attn: D.W. le Clercq, Director, Concordiastraat 67, 3503 RC, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Tel.: +31 30 3005 100. Fax: +31 30 3005 150. E-mail:, Internet address (URL):
V.1.2)Information on value of contract or on lowest and highest tenders taken into consideration (excluding VAT):  Price 85 000 EUR.
V.2.1)Is the contract likely to be subcontracted?  
VI.1)Is this notice a non-mandatory notice?  No.
VI.2)Reference number attributed to the file by the contracting authority:  EEA/EAS/2004/005
VI.3)Date of contract award:  06.12.2004.
VI.4)Number of tenders received:  6.
VI.5)Was this contract subject to a notice in the Official Journal?  Yes. Notice number in OJ content list: 2004/s 125-105328 of 30.06.2004.
VI.6)Does this contract relate to a project/programme financed by EU Funds?  No
VI.7)Other information:  
VI.9)Date of dispatch of this notice:  03.01.2005.

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