The personal data you provide as an applicant in the context of a selection procedure of the EEA are processed in accordance with regulation (EU) No 2018/1725[1] of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by Union  institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 and Decision No 1247/2002/EC.

The selection procedures and the associated processing operations are under the responsibility of the Head of Human Resource Management Group in the Administrative Services, acting as data Controller, regarding the collection and processing of personal data.

1. Purpose(s) of the processing

To organise selection procedures in view of potential recruitment at the EEA;

To manage administratively applications and the different stages of these selection procedures and to manage and check the exploitation of reserve lists.

2. Recipients of the data processed

For the purpose detailed above, access to your personal data is given to the following persons:

  • EEA staff in the Human Resource Management group dealing with selection and recruitment;
  • Members of the Selection Committee appointed by the Executive Director;
  • Appointing Authority, namely the Executive Director;
  • In case of reserve lists, and in the case of the selection of seconded national experts: line managers;
  • EEA staff members in the Finance group dealing with the reimbursement of travel expenses, allowances and removal costs in case of recruitment;
  • Where necessary, any of the supervisory instances of the EEA (i.e. the European Court of Auditors, Internal Audit Service, and in case of controversy, the European Ombudsman, the General Court, the European Anti-Fraud Office, and the European Data Protection Supervisor).

All recipients of the data are reminded of the purpose limitation of the transfer in question and the obligation of confidentiality arising from Articles 4(1) (f) and 9 of Regulation 2018/1725

3. Categories of data processed

The only personal data collected and further processed is the information you provide in connection with your application to an EEA selection procedure and the subsequent management process. You are free to give your data on a voluntary basis, although failure to provide data may imply exclusion from the selection procedure. However, failure to fill the fields noted as optional will not be disadvantageous neither discriminatory with regards to the selection procedure.

The personal data collected and further processed may relate to all or some of the following data:

  • Data to identify the applicant: Name (title, first name, surname), date of birth, gender, nationality, private address, email address and telephone number;
  • Data relevant to demonstrate, in the framework of the selection procedure, that the applicant fulfils the profile advertised in the vacancy notice: application form, CV in European format, motivation letter, and in case that an employment contract is offered, supporting documents;
  • Additional data: any supporting documents verifying the applicant’s technical and professional competences, ID/Passport number and bank account details for reimbursement of expenses and payments of allowances;

Furthermore, applicants may wish to provide other information to support their application (e.g. recommendation letters, certificates).

The data processed may be used for the drawing up of a reserve list with the aim to recruit personnel (i.e. temporary agents, contractual agents) with the highest standard of ability, efficiency and integrity.

4. Modalities for the processing operation

Personal data is provided by submission of an on-line application. The personal data is processed electronically when the EEA staff members responsible for the selection procedure store the application submitted in ad hoc files in a filling system. The information is processed manually for the purpose of the management and administration of the selection and recruitment procedures (contacts with applicants during the selection/recruitment process, written notifications to the applicants upon completion of the selection process).

5. Right of access and rectification

You, as an applicant, have a right to access and to update or correct your personal data at any time during the selection procedure. The right to rectify the information already provided can only apply to the factual data processed within the concerned selection procedure. The right to rectify can only be exercised up to the closing date for submission of applications. However, inaccurate identification data may be rectified at any time during and after the selection procedure.

Any request for access or rectification of personal data shall be addressed in writing at the following address or to the EEA’s human Resources Management Group at the address European Environment Agency, ADS1, Kongens Nytorv 6, 1050 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

6. Legal basis

The legal bases for the processing operations on your personal data are:

  • The Staff Regulations and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union (EEC, Euratom, ECSC) No 259/68 as last amended by Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 1023/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2013;
  • Regulation (EC) No 401/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 April 2009 on the European Environment Agency and the European Environment Information and Observation Network;
  • Decision EEA/MB/2018/017 of the Management Board of the European Environment Agency of 1 June 2018 amending its Decision (EEA/BU/51 written procedure of 21 May 2010) on the adoption of detailed implementing rules on the engagement and the use of contract staff;
  • Decision 007/EEA/MB-WP-HR/2015 of the Management Board of the European Environment Agency of 25 August 2015 laying down general implementing provisions on the procedure concerning the engagement and use of temporary staff under Article 2(f) of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union;
  • Commission Decision C(2008) 6866 final of 12 November 2008 laying down rules on the secondment to the Commission of national experts and national experts in professional training, applicable by analogy to the EEA

The processing of your personal data is necessary for the performance and support of the numerous tasks carried out by the EEA as mandated by Regulation (EC) No 401/2009 of 23 April 2009 on the EEA and Eionet, and in particular Article 2 thereof, and for the internal management and functioning of the EEA;

7. Data retention

Your personal data is kept as long as necessary for the purposes of the administration and management of the related selection procedure, as well as for any follow-up actions it may entail.

  • In the case of recruited applicants the data retention period is ten years as of the termination of the employment or the last pension payment, whichever is applicable.
  • In the case of non-recruited applicants included in a reserve list, the data retention period is determined by the validity period (and possible extension) of the reserve list    
  • In case of non-recruited applicants (unsuccessful applicants), the data retention period is two years as of the date the applicant became aware of the result of the recruitment procedure (i.e. from the date of publication in the EEA web page that the procedure was closed, or the date of receipt of the notification to the applicant).

After the above mentioned periods, only data needed to provide overall statistics on the exercise (number of eligible and non-eligible applications, total number of applications, etc.) will be kept. The statistics are not subject to Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 since they are anonymous and cannot be used to identify one or more persons either directly or indirectly.

8. Right to appeal

You are entitled to have recourse at any time to the European Data Protection Supervisor (; if you consider that your rights under Regulation(EU) No 2018/1725 have been infringed as a result of the processing of your personal data by the EEA.

You may also contact the EEA’s Data protection Officer (DPO) in case of any difficulties or for any questions relating to the processing of your data at the following email address:

[1] OJ L 29/39 of 21.11.2018.


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