Area 7. Sustainability and foresight

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Call for Expressions of Interest 2020 for experts to be appointed as members of the European Environment Agency Scientific Committee (EEA/SC/2020/1-7)

To assist the Agency in developing knowledge and assessments on sustainability transitions in European society, in line with EU policy priorities. Success will depend on the extent to which they stimulate changes across society, as raised in the European Environment State and Outlook Report 2020 (SOER 2020).

Scientific advice is sought in the areas of systems innovation, societal transitions and foresight to help EEA improve its knowledge base including its next SOER in 2025. The advice is expected to cover dependencies between environment and demography, urbanisation, economy, lifestyles/behaviour, social and technological innovations, and politics, which are crucial drivers of change with very different evidence bases. Particular emphasis will be given to the environmental, social and governance considerations that can guide investment decisions in longer-term, sustainable economic activities, in line with the EU taxonomy for sustainable finance.

The advice would also inform improved understanding of future prospects, emerging issues, synergies, trade-offs and possible pathways to sustainability. Behaviours and values are fundamental drivers of political and sustainability success, but little understood or integrated in assessments like SOER and in EU policy making.



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