Area 5. Biodiversity and ecosystems

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Call for Expressions of Interest 2020 for experts to be appointed as members of the European Environment Agency Scientific Committee (EEA/SC/2020/1-7)

To assist the Agency with knowledge around how biophysical and socio-economic systems interact in order to inform transformative actions aimed at reducing the threats to biodiversity and natural resources, and ensuring that ecosystems are used sustainably. This includes knowledge on ecosystems dynamics supported by interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary study of the relationship between humans and their natural, social, and built environments.

Advice is sought in the context that ecosystems are coupled to human environments, that the ecological commons delivers services that sustains society’s well-being, and that ecosystems regulate the global geophysical cycles of energy, climate, soil nutrients, and water that in turn support and grow natural capital. This encompasses all aspects of nature and biodiversity especially species, habitats and natural resources, and their ecological dynamics to enable thorough analysis of the main pressures and cumulative impacts ecosystems are, and will be, exposed to.

More specifically, the advice is expected to cover concepts relating to the study of resilience, robustness, sustainability, and vulnerability and ecological limits, as well as ecological economics and valuation of nature in an effort to address the inequity between market-based economies and biodiversity loss. Links to novel sources of data to underpin those studies will be addressed to help on considerations regarding long-term ecological monitoring schemes, on the one hand, and applications of ecosystem-based management principles, on the other.



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