Area 3. Environment and Health/Chemicals

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Call for Expressions of Interest 2020 for experts to be appointed as members of the European Environment Agency Scientific Committee (EEA/SC/2020/1-7)

To assist the Agency with knowledge around environment and health and chemicals, and specifically the impacts on health of (multiple) stressors such as chemical exposure, air pollution and water quality, indoor air quality and/or environmental noise. This includes knowledge of exposure pathways relevant to human health including for example human biomonitoring of hazardous chemicals, and chemical exposure via dietary intake and from product use.

Advice is also expected around assessment methodologies, knowledge of frameworks to assess ‘early warnings’ for hazardous chemicals, novel sources of data, and to the estimation of health impacts based upon latest epidemiological knowledge and evidence, in particular on emerging methods that support a combined health impact assessment of exposure to multiple pollutants.

The advice is expected to further address the elaboration of relationships exploring inequalities in exposure to and impact of environmental pollutants associated with socio-economic and demographic status, as well as the health and wellbeing benefits delivered by ecosystem services, access to nature etc.


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