Evaluation of the EEA, 2013

File chemical/x-pdb Evaluation of the European Environment Agency — final report — 08 Apr 2013
The evaluation assessed the EEA according to two evaluation criteria; effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness covers the external perspective of the EEA and assesses the needs and satisfaction with EEA outputs, as well as the EEA's overall impact on the European environment and the European added value of the EEA. Efficiency covers the internal perspective focusing on EEA operations and most notably on cooperative relations within the Eionet network structure.
File Evaluation of EEA - Final appendices — 08 Apr 2013
Final appendices to the evaluation of EEA in 2013.
File Management Board response to the evaluation — March 2013 — 08 Apr 2013
Management Board recommendations to the European Commission, Parliament and Council regarding the COWI report on the evaluation of the European Environment Agency (EEA) in 2013.
File EEA management feedback on the evaluation report — 08 Apr 2013
Feedback from the EEA management on the draft final evaluation report
File C source code Opinion of the EEA Scientific Committee on the EEA Evaluation by COWI — 10 Apr 2013


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