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Regulation (EC) 45/2001 requires that the data protection officer keeps a register of processing operations of personal data of the EEA. This register contains the notifications of the data controllers to the data protection officer on their processing of personal data. This register may be inspected by any person.


Process name
Main areaSub areaNumber

Data controller

Selection procedure for TA and CA Human
Recruitment HR1 Head of ADS1 ADS
Selection procedure for SNE Human
Recruitment HR2 Head of ADS1 ADS
Management of medical/health
Personnel administration HR3 Head of ADS1 ADS
Administrative enquiries/Disciplinary procedures Human
Personnel administration HR4 Head of ADS1 ADS
Management of personnel files Human
Personnel administration HR5 Head of ADS1 ADS
Fixation of individual rights and payment of salaries Human
Personnel administration HR6 Head of ADS1 ADS
Management of leave entitlements including annual leave, special leave and sick leave Human
Personnel administration HR7 Head of ADS1 ADS
Complaints & appeals Human
Personnel administration HR8 Head of ADS1 ADS
Time registration and Flexitime Human
Personnel administration HR9 Head of ADS1 ADS
Probationary reports Human
Career Development HR10 Head of ADS1 ADS
Appraisal reports Human
Career Development HR11 Head of ADS1 ADS
Preventing Psychological and sexual harassement Human
Working Environment HR12 Head of ADS1 ADS
  • Notification
Annual promotion exercise Human Resources Career Development HR13 Head of ADS1  ADS
  • Privacy statement
Leadership Orientations Questionnaires (LOQ/HPMQ) Human Resources Career Development HR14 ADS1 ADS

360Leadership Assessments

Human Resources Career Development HR15 Training coordinator ADS
Active directory service IT systems  IT systems  IT1 Head of
CIRCA LDAP Directory IT systems  IT systems  IT2 Head of
E-mail services IT systems  IT systems  IT3 Head of IDM1  IDM
Internal video broadcast (streaming and recording) IT systems  IT systems  IT4 Head of IDM1  IDM
Intranet logs processing IT systems  IT systems  IT5 Head of IDM1  IDM
SI2/ABAC - EEA budget and accounting system IT systems  IT systems  IT6 Head of ADS2  IDM
Telephony system processing IT systems  IT systems  IT7 Head of IDM1  IDM
Business Continuity Planning (BCP) IT systems IT systems IT8 Head of IDM1 IDM
Export of EEA directory services to ECAS (EC authentification service) IT systems IT systems IT9 Head of IDM1 IDM
Export of EEA address book to the EC address book IT systems IT systems IT10 Head of IDM1 IDM
Internet access log IT systems IT systems IT11 Head of IDM1 IDM
E-mail services - Microsoft Office 365 IT systems IT systems IT12 Head of IDM1 IDM
Taskman IT systems IT systems IT13 Head of IDM2  IDM
  • Notification
Internal audit process from Internal Audit Capability (IAC) EEA Management  EEA Management MGMT1 Internal auditor from IAC  EDO
Video-surveillance Facilities Management Security FM1 Logistic services ADS
  • Notification
Staff access cards Facilities Management Security FM2 Logistic services ADS
Guest cards/sign-in Facilities Management Security FM3 Logistic services ADS
Staff business cards Facilities Management Staff Identification FM4 Logistic services ADS
Staff photographs/Photo gallery Facilities Management Staff Identification FM5 Logistic services ADS
Key register Facilities Management Other FM6 Logistic services ADS
Addess database
/ SuperOffice
Communication External communication COM1 Head of COM  COM
Public enquiries Communication External communication COM3 Head of COM  COM
Generation'92 Communication External communication COM4 Head of COM COM
ImaginAIR photo story competition Communication External communication COM5 Head of COM COM
Address database for dissemination of EEA information to the general public Communication External communication COM6 Head of COM COM
Waste*smART competition Communication External communication COM7 Head of COM COM
Environment and Me photography competition Communication External communication COM8 Head of COM COM
Picture2050 photography competition  Communication External communication COM9 Head of COM COM
Nature@work photography competition Communication External communication COM10 Head of COM COM
Grant and procurement award procedures including call for expression of interest Work programme management Grant and procurement award procedures  WPM1 Procurement services  ADS


Processing of personal data in the context of EEA meetings, events, conference and workshops  Work programme management  Management of EIONET  WPM2 Head of
ODS and F-Gas regulations reporting Work programme management Data handling WPM3 Head of ACC2 ACC
  • Privacy statement
Climate-ADAPT case study use survey Work programme management Data handling WPM4 Head of ACC4 ACC



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