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The protection of personal data is a fundamental right in the European Union.

“Everyone has the right to the protection if personal data concerning them” (Article 16 of the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union and Article 8 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union).

The personal information and data of individuals are processed in many aspects of everyday life – for example, applying for a job, signing up for a web service, booking a flight, registering for a workshop or a conference, etc.

Personal data is everything that identifies an individual, from a person’s name to telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, date of birth, photographs, etc.

Within the European Environment Agency (EEA) the protection of your personal data is covered by Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of 23 October 2018.

When your personal data are processed, you have enforceable rights such as the right to be informed that your personal data is being processed, to have access to your own data, to rectify any wrong or incomplete data and in some cases, to object to the processing on legitimate grounds.

Below you will find general information and guidance on the applicable legislation and internal rules at the EEA, and how to exercise your rights as a data subject.

Specific information about the processing operations associated with the activities of the EEA is contained in the central register of records.


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