Articles and news about water related topics.

Updated maps of urban waste water collection and treatment — 23 Jul 2009
New data on European water quality in WISE — 13 Oct 2008
Coastal waters, national groundwater quality and new urban waste water data is available from the WISE map viewer.
News on WISE map viewer for World Water Day 2008 — 18 Mar 2008
The WISE map viewer has been updated for the World Water Day 2008 with five new thematic maps representing the reporting of data by EU Member States under the Water Framework Directive Article 8.
Water scarcity — 13 Mar 2007
Water scarcity occurs where there are insufficient water resources to satisfy long-term average requirements. It refers to long-term water imbalances, combining low water availability with a level of water demand exceeding the supply capacity of the natural system.
Melting ice – a hot topic for Europe’s water, too — 13 Mar 2007
On World Environmental Day 5 June 2007 UNEP published the report “Global outlook for ice and snow”. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the impacts of climate change on snow and ice and illustrates the effects on ecosystems, water resources and socio-economic sectors.
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