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SOER Common environmental theme from Latvia
Waste Waste
Published: 26 Nov 2010 Modified: 21 Mar 2015


Waste management has acquired priority significance in the environmental protection policy as one of the instruments for sustainable use of natural resources. The main directions in waste management are the development of polygons and collecting systems for non–hazardous municipal waste and the development of systems for the collection and treatment of hazardous waste. At present, 10 non-hazardous waste polygons and two polygons for hazardous waste have Category A permits under the IPPC Directive. Biogas collection and use for energy production from biodegradable wastes and sludge is set as one of the priorities in Latvia.

GHG emissions from the waste sector in 2008 were 916.88 Gg CO2 equivalents; which is about 7.7 % of total GHG emissions.


Figure 1: Total GHG emissions from the waste sector in CO2 equivalents (1000 t)

Source GHG National inventory report 2010, Latvia 



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