Freshwater - Why care? (Luxembourg)

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SOER Common environmental theme from Luxembourg - freshwater
Published: 26 Nov 2010 Modified: 21 Mar 2015
Key message

It is estimated that only 30 % of surface water will comply with the EU’s 2015 targets for chemical and biological quality as determined under the EU Water Framework Directive. The stakes are therefore high for water quality in Luxembourg. Moreover, Luxembourg did not sufficiently protect its drinking water sources that have been contaminated by agricultural activities.

The continuous significant demographic growth that Luxembourg experienced these last 25 years - and that will most likely go on in the future - is another threat on water resources and quality.

This is why, end 2008, an ambitious law - the Water Act - has been promulgated to consolidate water legislation and transpose the EU Water Framework Directive and Floods Directive into national law.

In Luxembourg, at least 70 % of surface water is likely to fall short of the EU’s 2015 targets for chemical and biological quality as determined under the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). With regard to drinking water, sources have not yet been protected, despite a legal obligation to do so dating back more than 15 years. According to the application of the Ground Water Directive 2 of 5 ground water bodies are considered to be in poor qualitative status regarding nitrates and pesticides. Moreover, rural development policies have focused more on farm modernisation and the continued use of agricultural land than on the targeted protection of water resources.


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