Freshwater - Why care? (Finland)

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Freshwater - Why care?
Published: 26 Nov 2010 Modified: 21 Mar 2015


Water quality affects the freshwater ecosystems and thus the vital ecosystem services. Water quality must be at a high enough level to avoid problems with, for example, drinking water, eutrophication and biodiversity.


In addition to making the environments in which we live more attractive, clean waters give better opportunities for recreation and fishing. Health risks posed by algae, the sliminess of shores and fishnets, and aesthetic nuisances will be reduced. Cleaner waters benefit people who live or have holiday houses along shores, as well as municipalities and entrepreneurs. Further, the safety of drinking water is important while, at the same time, water treatment costs will be reduced. Another benefit is that reintroducing migrating fish and other aquatic organisms into dammed waters improves the usability of water resources.


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