Nature protection and biodiversity - National Responses (Luxembourg)

SOER 2010 Common environmental theme (Deprecated)
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SOER Common environmental theme from Luxembourg - nature protection and biodiversity
Published: 26 Nov 2010 Modified: 11 May 2020

In terms of response, both ongoing and forthcoming, the National Plan for Nature Protection focuses on the following areas:

  • implementation of concrete measures including the implementation of species and habitat action plans, the extension and proper management of the network of protected areas [Figure 3, Figure 4] and the restoration of degraded habitats – details available here;
  • improvement of scientific knowledge of biodiversity through a national inventory of protected habitats and the implementation of a national scheme for biodiversity monitoring – see, for instance, the cadastral register of biotopes [Note 2];
  • involvement of local and non-governmental stakeholders through consultation and participation of their representatives in various nature related fora and consulting bodies as well as the co-financing by the government of coordinated biodiversity measures by local authorities and NGOs;
  • consolidation of the legal framework related to biodiversity notably by creating a legal anchor for the implementation of a quantitative system for nature compensation and habitat banking as well as the adoption of a legally binding spatial planning instrument targeting the sustainable development and conservation of landscapes, notably via a sectoral plan on landscapes (‘Plan Sectoriel Paysages’);
  • strengthening and coordination of national efforts in education and communication of biodiversity.

 Figure 3 - National and EU protection areas: map

Nature protection and biodiversity_Figure 3


Figure 4 - National and EU protection areas: table
  Nature protection and biodiversity_Figure 4

Source: Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure - Department of the Environment.
: since many areas have multiple designations (see figure 3), it is not possible to put a figure on the total area protected.




The National Plan for Nature Protection has a lifespan of three years. It has to be revised in 2011 at the latest and this revision will, of course, incorporate the outcomes of the CBD COP10 held in Nagoya in the fall of 2010.


The biodiversity monitoring started in 2009 and will, therefore, provides a snapshot of the 2009-2010 situation in Luxembourg. In 2011, a qualitative evaluation scheme for the ecosystem will be put in place.


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2009 Activity Report of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure – p. 71-74 and 367-378: click here (in French).


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