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Assessing climate change impacts on the hydrological cycle

In Switzerland short-term changes in frequency and magnitude of water induced by extreme events may have dramatic consequences for infrastructure and settlements in the Alps. The effects of climate change on water resources and water courses has been investigated in the framework of the project CCHydro, launched by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) in 2007.
Scenarios with a high temporal and spatial resolution for the water cycle and discharge processes for the different climate regions, altitudes and geomorphologic conditions will be provided.
Based on this, analyses of the changes in extreme flow values (high and low water), the seasonal distribution of water resources, groundwater infiltration and soil water content, and, possibly, watercourse quality will be carried out.
By 2011 the results of the CCHydro project will provide an important base for adaptive measures in the alpine region (Picture - Hubacher Raphael und Bruno Schädler, 2010).



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