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The Alpine Space Programme

The Alpine Space Programme is part of the European regional policy of territorial cooperation. It strives for transnational cooperation in and between the regions of the Alpine area. The programme´s overall aim is to increase the competitiveness and the attractiveness of the cooperation area in a sustainable way. Thus it supports transnational projects in the Alpine area fostering territorial development and cohesion. These projects involve key actors of the cooperation area and develop joint actions for shared solutions on specific Alpine issues as laid down in the three priorities: I. Competitiveness and Attractiveness, II. Accessibility and Connectivity, and III. Environment and Risk Prevention. A strict link has been developed in the last years between the principles at the basis of the Alpine Convention and the Alpine Space Programme. In this line the outcomes of several projects co-financed by the programme have greatly contributed to important achievements in the framework of the Alpine Convention. On climate change, projects have been launched in the field of e.g. impacts and adaptation strategies (ClimChAlp, tourism (ClimAlpTour,, climate-proof spatial planning (CLISP,, degradation of permafrost layer degradation (PermaNet,, mountain forests (MANFRED), management of natural hazards (AdaptAlp,, water availability (Alp-Water-Scarce,



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