Take a look at your water environment

News Published 23 Jun 2010 Last modified 21 Jun 2016
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What are the nutrient levels in your coastal waters or nearby lake? Do you live in an area where urban waste water treatment fails to meet the EU requirements? The European Environment Agency (EEA) provides the answers through its interactive maps, which have been updated with new water quality data.

Excessive levels of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus in water bodies can cause algal blooms and an associated loss in aquatic life. In addition, their presence in drinking water requires expensive treatment. Agriculture and waste water are the key sources of nutrients in water bodies. 

The European Water Data Centre, managed by the EEA, presents data on water quality and quantity, and nutrient releases to the water environment. It provides a single entry point for European datasets and indicators on water, including interactive maps most of them updated with 2008 data.

Some maps provide an overview of the water quality in European rivers, lakes, groundwater and coastal waters. Local data can also be retrieved through a zoom function. As a new feature, the areas designated as sensitive according to Article 5 of the EU Urban Waste Water Directive are displayed together with information on the level of urban waste water treatment undertaken at each treatment plant.






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