Ljubljana wins European Green Capital Award for 2016

News Published 24 Jun 2014 Last modified 20 Feb 2017
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Photo: © Anelim
Slovenian capital Ljubljana has been named European Green Capital 2016 at a ceremony in Copenhagen, the current holder of the Green Capital title.

Ljubljana was commended for raising environmental awareness amongst its citizens. The jury also recognised its sustainability strategy 'Vision 2025', which brings together plans covering environmental protection, mobility, energy and electric transport. In addition, Ljubljana has made significant progress in implementing green procurement policies covering 70 % of all city purchases.

Transportation in Ljubljana has changed dramatically over the past decade. From a city which was rapidly becoming dominated by the car, the focus has now shifted to eco-friendly alternatives. In 2013, Ljubljana modified the traffic flow within the city to limit motorised traffic and give priority to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. Cycling is also increasing. By 2020 the city intends that public transport, non-motorised traffic and private vehicles should each account for a third of all transport.

Twelve cities applied to become European Green Capital 2016. Each entry was assessed by an international panel of 12 experts and five cities were shortlisted – Essen, Ljubljana, Nijmegen, Oslo and Umeå. The jury interviewed city representatives at the European Environment Agency (EEA) yesterday. All the finalists provided real-life examples of how respect for the environment, excellent quality of life and economic growth can all be successfully combined.

The European Green Capital Award is given to a European city that has a record of achieving high environmental standards, is committed to ambitious goals for future environmental improvement and sustainable development and can act as a model to inspire other cities.


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