EEA invites submissions of evidence on global trends to support forthcoming assessments

News Published 07 Jul 2009 Last modified 21 Jun 2016
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Understanding the state of Europe's environment and its future prospects is impossible without an appreciation of the situation and trends outside the continent. Many environmental issues are inherently transboundary and are influenced by numerous other international forces, including social, technological, economic and political interaction. At the same time, many global socio-economic drivers operate over decades, necessitating a long-term perspective.

For these reasons, forthcoming EEA assessments, including the next European State of the Environment and Outlook Report (SOER), to be released at the close of 2010, will address long-term global interlinkages. One section of SOER 2010 will comprise an exploratory assessment of long-term global mega-trends, driving forces and uncertainties that will shape Europe's environment and policies over  coming decades.

To support this novel assessment, EEA invites interested scientific and research communities and organisations, NGOs and the private sector to submit evidence on:

  • key global mega-trends;
  • their drivers and certainties and uncertainties;
  • how these mega-trends might interact; and
  • what environmental consequences they might imply for Europe.

If you think you may have relevant evidence, please follow this link: Call for evidence.

Any information used in the SOER or other EEA assessments will be referenced appropriately. Please note, however, that the submission of evidence is voluntary, not subject to any compensation and for the exclusive purpose of informing EEA analysis.

While the EEA is entitled to make unrestricted use of the submissions (unless explicit confidentiality restrictions are imposed), it is under no obligation to do so. Parties will not be informed unless their evidence is being used in an EEA assessment.

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