Climate change awareness campaign: The Finnish start

News Published 05 Jun 2006 Last modified 28 Jun 2016
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The European Commission's climate campaign 'Contribute to limiting climate change' is now rolling in country after country. On 5 June, which is also the UN Environment Day, EEA Executive Director Prof Jacqueline McGlade took part in the kick-off press conference in Helsinki, alongside the Finnish Environment Minister and Trade and Industry Minister and the Director General of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, among others. The press conference was followed by a public event in the Esplanadi Park.

In her presentation in Helsinki Jacqueline McGlade noted that the upcoming Finnish EU presidency targets getting an broad agreement for reductions of greenhouse gas emissions when the current Kyoto agreement is replaced. This would imply getting countries like the United States, China and India on board.

Jacqueline McGlade also commended Finland for taking such an active part in the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign. This global campaign is organised by the ICLEI - the international association of local governments and national and regional government organisations – which has made a commitment to sustainable development.

The EEA is also lending support to the Danish's contribution to the European Commission's climate change awareness campaign by putting a huge campaign banner on the front of the EEA building in Copenhagen from May 29th until June 15th. The Danish campaign launch took place on May 30th with the Danish Environment Minister, Connie Hedegaard. A presentation of the European perspective on climate change was made by EEA Programme Manager Jeff Huntington. The event was attended by Danish celebrities and a school class, who made a series of paintings depicting their understanding of climate change.


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