Domingo Jiménez-Beltrán receives the "Twelve Stars for the Environment" Award

News Published 11 Oct 2002 Last modified 28 Jun 2016
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The European Environment Agency's former Executive Director, Domingo Jiménez-Beltrán, has received the "Twelve Stars for the Environment" Award of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB).



The EEB, a federation of 134 non-governmental environmental organisations across Europe, presented the award on 10 October in recognition of Mr Jiménez-Beltrán's "exceptional work on behalf of Europe's environment and sustainable development."

Mr Jiménez-Beltrán, Executive Director from the EEA's start of operations in 1994 until May 2002, accepted the award in the name of the EEA and its network "as a recognition of the contribution of the European Environment Agency and its staff to the general cause of the environment and sustainable development." EEB press release


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