Percentage of urban population resident in areas for days per year with ozone concentrations over the long-term objective for protection of human health, 2001-2011 (EU-27)

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The target value is 120 µg O3/m3 as daily maximum of 8 hour mean, not to be exceeded more than 25 days per calendar year, averaged over three years and to be achieved where possible by 2010. Over the years 2001-2010 the total population for which exposure estimates are made, increased from 88 to 118 million people due to an increasing number of monitoring stations reporting under the Exchange of Information Decision. Year-to-year variations in exposure classes are partly caused by the changes in spatial coverage. Only urban and sub-urban background monitoring stations have been included in the calculations. Data for Cyprus, Greece and Malta is not included due to missing availability of operational urban and sub-urban background monitoring stations in the Urban Audit cities.


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