Chlorophyll-a concentrations in European seas in 2010

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The map shows Chlorophyll-a concentrations in European coastal and open seas in 2010. The class boundaries “high”, “moderate” and “low” concentration are determined by the 80/20 percentiles of the data set in each sea (sub)region. The low category refers to values within the lowest 20th percentile and the high category refers to values within the upper 20th percentile of concentrations.


European data


Additional information

Based on the EIONET WISE SoE TCM data reported to EEA. In 2010, data suitable for the indicator were only reported from very few stations in the Mediterranean and from no stations in the Black Sea. 

The used regional and subregional seas of Europe are in line with the geographical regions and sub-regions specified in the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). Other European Seas (Icelandic Sea, The Norwegian Sea, the Barents Sea and the White Sea) are not covered herein due to lack of data.



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