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Change in Final Energy Consumption by Transport Mode, EU15, 1990-2017

Data table via SPARQL Published 23 Oct 2019 Last modified 24 Jun 2020
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indic_nrg ugeo obsValue
"Final consumption - transport sector - road - energy use" "EU-15" "18.6"^^<>
"Air Domestic/International" "EU-15" "91.6"^^<>
"International maritime bunkers" "EU-15" "19.3"^^<>
"Final consumption - transport sector - rail - energy use" "EU-15" "-14"^^<>
"Final consumption - transport sector - domestic navigation - energy use" "EU-15" "-16.4"^^<>

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PREFIX sdmx-measure: <> 
PREFIX sdmx-dimension: <>
PREFIX sdmx-attribute: <> 
PREFIX skos: <> 
PREFIX property: <> 
PREFIX unit: <>
PREFIX siec: <>
PREFIX nrg_bal: <>
PREFIX geo: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>

?nrg_bal_label as ?indic_nrg
'EU-15' as ?ugeo
round((( SUM(?last_year)-SUM(?first_year) ) / SUM(?first_year) )*1000)/10.0 as ?obsValue


SELECT distinct
  bif:either(?nrg_bal in (nrg_bal:INTAVI, nrg_bal:FC_TRA_DAVI_E), 'Air Domestic/International', ?nrg_bal_label) as ?nrg_bal_label
  bif:either(year(?date) = 1990, SUM(?obsValue), 0) as ?first_year
  bif:either(year(?date) = 2017, SUM(?obsValue), 0) as ?last_year

    GRAPH <> 

        _:nrg_bal_c sdmx-dimension:timePeriod ?date .
        _:nrg_bal_c sdmx-attribute:unitMeasure unit:TJ .
        _:nrg_bal_c property:nrg_bal ?nrg_bal .
        _:nrg_bal_c sdmx-dimension:refArea ?geo .
           _:nrg_bal_c property:siec ?siec .

        FILTER (?siec in (siec:E7000, siec:R5300, siec:R5290, siec:R5220B, 
                          siec:R5210B, siec:R5110-5150_W6000RI, siec:O4680, 
                          siec:O4671XR5220B, siec:O4661XR5230B, siec:O4653, 
                          siec:O4652XR5210B, siec:O4651, siec:O4630, siec:G3000))

        _:nrg_bal_c sdmx-measure:obsValue ?obsValue .
   FILTER (?geo in (geo:AT, geo:BE, geo:DE, geo:FI, geo:FR, geo:DK, geo:EL, geo:IE, geo:IT, geo:LU, geo:NL, geo:PT, geo:ES, geo:SE, geo:UK))
   ?geo rdfs:label ?ugeo .
   FILTER (?nrg_bal in (nrg_bal:INTAVI, nrg_bal:FC_TRA_DAVI_E, 
                          nrg_bal:INTMARB, nrg_bal:FC_TRA_RAIL_E, 
                          nrg_bal:FC_TRA_ROAD_E, nrg_bal:FC_TRA_DNAVI_E)) 
   ?nrg_bal rdfs:label ?nrg_bal_label .

GROUP BY ?nrg_bal_label


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