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Percentage of total green infrastructure, urban green space, and urban tree cover in the area of EEA-38 capital cities (excluding Liechtenstein)

Data Visualization Created 13 Jan 2022 Published 01 Feb 2022 Last modified 07 Feb 2023
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Units: Percent (of total city area)

Methodology: The data for "total green infrastructure" and "urban green space" stem from the Green Infrastructure dashboard (2021). The "Tree cover" data were extracted from the Urban tree cover in Europe (2018) dashboard. Both dashboards are based on data from the Urban Atlas 2018. The averages depicted in the chart were calculated based on the respective percentages of all cities included in the dataset (excluding UK) as well as of the respective 37 capital  cities. For the Green Infrastructure dashboard (2021), this included 721 cities, and for the Urban tree cover viewer (2021), it was 858 cities.

Data sources

Copernicus Land Monitoring Service - Urban Atlas provided by Copernicus Land Monitoring Services

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