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Vegetation productivity trends (% of 2000), broken down to bio-geographical regions and MAES ecosystem classes

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The indicator addresses trends in land surface productivity derived from remote sensing observed time series of vegetation indices between 2000-2016. The vegetation index used in the indicator is the Plant Phenology Index (PPI, Jin and Eklundh, 2014). PPI is based on the MODIS Nadir BRDF-Adjusted Reflectance product (MODIS MCD43 NBAR. The product provides reflectance data for the MODIS “land” bands (1 - 7) adjusted using a bi-directional reflectance distribution function. This function models values as if they were collected from a nadir-view to remove so called cross-track illumination effects. The product is distributed with 500 m pixel size (MODIS Sinusoidal Grid) with 8-days compositing period. The web map service was derived from a 16 bit time series.

Reference: Jin, H., Eklundh, L. (2014): A physically based vegetation index for improved monitoring of plant phenology, Remote Sensing, 152, 512 – 525. Inpout to the PPI index was from MODIS NDVI.

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Plant Phenology Index provided by Lund University

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