Nationally designated areas

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The table contains informations on the individual designated areas at national level.
European data
Table definition
Altitude_max Altitude maximum the maximum altitude (meters) above sea level within the site boundaries. int(4) 0
Lat Latitude geographical coordinate in decimal degrees. float(8) 0
Lon Longitude geographical coordinate in decimal degrees. float(8) 0
Site_code Site code unique record identifier for nationally designated areas int(4) -1
Size Size area in ha int(4) 0
Altitude_min Altitude minimum the minimum altitude (meters) above sea level within the site boundaries. int(4) 0
Year Year year of establishment. The year the site was created under the designation concerned. nvarchar(4) 0
Lat_ns Latitude North/South nvarchar(1) 0
Lon_ew Longitude East/West nvarchar(1) 0
Desig_abbr National designation type code nvarchar(5) -1
Areaname Site name site name as given in local language. nvarchar(120) 0
Nuts NUTS code administrative Region Code according to the coding system of Eurostat. nvarchar(5) 0
Site_code_nat National site code unique record identifier in the national source database nvarchar(12) 0
Parent_iso Parent ISO code in most countries the Iso3 and Parent_iso codes are identical. For countries, which have so called DOM/TOMs or any kind of over seas territories under their jurisdiction, the Iso3 country code may be different from the parent country code. nvarchar(3) 0
Iso3 ISO3 code ISO 3 characters country code nvarchar(3) 0
Londeg Longitude degrees smallint(2) 0
Lonmin Longitude minutes smallint(2) 0
Lonsec Longitude seconds smallint(2) 0
Latdeg Latitude degrees smallint(2) 0
Latmin Latitude minutes smallint(2) 0
Latsec Latitude seconds smallint(2) 0
IUCNCAT IUCN category nvarchar(4) -1
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