Technische Universität Dortmund, Institute of Spatial Planning (IRPUD)

Organisation Created 14 Nov 2012
The Institute of Spatial Planning (IRPUD) is the central research facility of the Department of Spatial Planning of the Dortmund University of Technology. It was founded in 1974 to integrate the different disciplines at the Department by interdisciplinary research projects and services. Its tasks are: - to initiate and conduct interdisciplinary research projects for spatial planning (Research), - to edit and publish the publication series of the Department as well as to coordinate the public relations in print (Documentation), - to guide and implement educational quality management: student advice service in all phases of the study, coordination of the school's courses and organisation of the project based learning in the School of Spatial Planning (Centre for Student and Project Affairs), - to develop the information and communications technology of the Department and to assist and advise the facilities of the Department in its application (ICT Service Unit) and - to provide reprographic and photographic services to all facilities of the University of Dortmund (Repro Centre).


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