Hungarian Aerobiological Network (HAN)

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NIEH's management attaches priority to the following activities: decreasing the burden of disease due to environment pollution; protection of the health of children and vulnerable population groups; determination, identification and investigation of environmental risk factors that are determinants of health and disease, as well as elaboration of hygienic limits; development of immediate and adequate response capabilities on newly emerging environmental health problems; applying state-of-the-art management, quality management and research methodology in the activities aimed at decreasing avoidable and preventable diseases of environmental origin
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The terms of reference, tasks and financial management of the National Institute of Environmental Health (NIEH) are contained in its Statutes and Bylaws, and are laid down in Government Decree 362/2006 (XII.28.) on the National Public Health and Medical Officer's Service and on the designation of a statutory pharmaceutical authority; in Sections 44-47 of Act CLIV of 1997 on Health, as well as in various pieces of legislation on air, waters, soil, waste and environmental impact assessment.


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