The films:

Environmental Atlas of Europe

The Environmental Atlas of Europe is a UNEP-EEA-European Space Agency joint project showcasing communities responding to environmental change across Europe. The film presents a series of these inspirational stories about how people are responding to climate change and in so doing, transforming their lives for a more sustainable future.

One Degree Matters

One Degree Matters posterOne Degree Matters follows social and business leaders as they travel to Greenland and experience for themselves the dramatic effects of the melting of the ice cap and come to understand the planetary effects of climate change and the impacts these will have on society and the economy. The film brings to the screen the latest science from the Arctic and shows why a further rise in global temperature of one degree matters for the future of humankind.





Social climate movement

Social movement

The European Environment Agency launches the social climate movement 'Bend the Trend'. Individuals are encouraged to pledge a lifestyle change that will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 'Bend the Trend' will also incorporate data from other, existing pledge systems and show the aggregate effects of these. The collective effects on carbon emissions will be projected onto an interactive world atlas. The application will link with social networks for 'Trendbenders' to build viral momentum.






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